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Bur Hill Border Collies

Welcome to Bur Hill Border Collies.

We are a small farmstead located in the Tillsonburg area of southern Ontario (30 minutes southeast of London). In addition to homeschooling our 4 children and running a commercial, architectural and fine art photography business, we also raise purebred Border Collies. Our niche is in providing pups that make wonderful family pets for active families. Our pups also do well in recreational sports, herding, service and therapy work.

Our Girls

Katie is a beautiful black and white rough coated border collie who is very bright and teachable. Her temperament is a perfect cross of her mother's liveliness and her father's laid back friendliness. She is very affectionate and has that soft disposition that we like so much. Like all our dogs, she loves children and enjoys playing their games. Pedigree

Nellie is a very sleek and stylish rough coated border collie who has the great looks and moves of her mom Cindy. Besides being a real softy who loves affection and being walked by our children, Nellie is also a quick learner and likes to please. Pedigree

Skye is a super friendly black and white border collie from Katie and Glen. She is so gentle and easy going and is the perfect playmate for our children. Her eagerness to please and her affability have earned her the distinction of being one of the most loveable dogs on our property. She enjoys meeting people and going to town on shopping errands. She is the epitome of a great family dog. Pedigree

Jen is a beautiful black and white border collie out of Nellie and Glen. She is what we have been hoping to produce from Cindy's line (Nellie is Cindy's daughter). Jen embodies the classic style and focus that Cindy and Nellie have, plus she has plenty of Glen's warmth and amiableness. She is a busy girl who enjoys being active, yet has an excellent off switch and really likes to snuggle and be with our children. Pedigree

Janie is an absolute doll who is so endearing and affectionate. She is hopelessly happy like Glen her dad and will do anything to please. Playing ball with our children, sleeping on her back, and having a big snuggle are her favourite pastimes. She has been effortless to raise and goes along with whatever the plan is. We are thankful for such a delightful addition. Pedigree

Sasha is a gorgeous tri-colour female who is just what we have been waiting for. She is very athletic, is quite the clown, is incredibly amiable, and on top of this has beautiful tri-colour markings. She is full of energy and has been fun to train. Besides playing pranks on our other dogs, Sasha enjoys playing ball and retrieving. Pedigree

Steffi is the eccentric one. She is such a sweetie, is so affectionate and has such quirky ideas about things. She goes to town regularly for walks, is energetic and loves playing ball. We enjoy her very much and appreciate her winsome personality. Pedigree

Cookie is the scholar. She is so well behaved and intuitive and learns tricks first time round. She is an excellent ambassador for our kennel and excels at meeting people. And besides all this, she is fulll of beans, loves to run and is a pushover for hugs and cuddles. Pedigree

Our Boys

Glen is a handsome black and white border collie we have brought over from England. He is very smart, has lots of spunk, is very outgoing and loves children. Although energetic and playful, he also has an excellent off switch and is very easy going. We are so pleased how similar in temperament he is to Roy. Glen gets along wonderfully with everyone including all other dogs and truly epitomizes a happy dog. Pedigree

Andy is a gorgeous red and white, ISDS registered border collie who we imported from England. He has amazed us with how smart, well-behaved and teachable he is. He has a wonderful, easy going attitude, has integrated fantastically with all our dogs, and is a lot of fun to work with. This dog is truly happy! Nothing spoils his day. Pedigree

Robbie is a gorgeous dark red and white border collie we brought over from England. He is a super friendly, affectionate dog with lots of spunk and speed. He has that wonderful traditional British border collie temperament which we seek after. This is what makes for a great family pet. Pedigree

Flynn is a handsome golden red and white border collie we brought over from England. We are delighted with his congenial manner and quickness to learn. He is such a happy boy and is always ready to play with our children. He has pleased us with his biddable temperament and bubbly personality. Pedigree

Jake (Chikaramor Starstruck from Lancashire England). In the spring of 2013 we had the pleasure of going over to Lancashire England to pick up Jake. We were so thankful for the opportunity to obtain such a wonderful dog and we have not been disappointed. He is such a smart, affectionate and easy going boy who loves to please. Jake comes from very accomplished working, sports and show lines and this manifests continually in how quickly he learns and how sociable and mature his deportment is. Once again we have been rewarded by looking to the UK for our breeding stock. We are grateful for the dedication, hard work and high standards of Chikaramor and Littlethorn kennels. Pedigree

Our Pups

Our puppies are vet checked, dewormed, micro-chipped, have first shots, and are well socialized in a family setting. They are sold on a spay/neuter contract and are registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association. Our puppies are 8 weeks old before we allow them to go to their new homes. This enables them to become well socialized with ourselves and our four children before they go to be with their new owners.

Temperament is one of the most important aspects of our dogs. They adore children, are very loving and gentle, and are wonderful family pets.

All of our breeding stock has been tested clear for hips and eyes (CERF). Also, all our dogs are DNA normal for Collie Eye Anomaly (either by testing or by parentage).

Current Litters:

Nellie and Jake had 10 handsome black and white puppies on November 18, 2014. There are 8 females and 2 males. Please see pictures further down the page. Paddy, Colleen and Lucy are still available.

Janie and Robbie had 9 nicely marked puppies on November 26, 2014. They had 4 females and 5 males. Two females are black and white and one is grey and white. Two males are black and white and three are grey and white. One black and white female (Josie) did not thrive and has passed away. Please see pictures further down the page. Buster, Alexi and Sandy are still available.

Cookie and Jake had 7 beautiful puppies on January 17, 2015. They had 2 females and 5 males. All are black and white with one female being black and white tri-colour. Please see pictures below. We are taking reservations for males for this litter (the females are sold).

Jen and Robbie had 9 classically marked puppies on January 20, 2015. They had 5 females and 4 males. All are black and white. We will be posting preliminary pictures when they are a week old. We are taking reservations for this litter.

Please note: our preferred method of initial contact is by email. We are careful where we place our pups. We are also very busy with our dogs and we do receive a lot of email. So please be patient for a reply. Update: Due to the sheer volume of phone calls we receive each day by people who do not respect our preference of initial contact by email, we have taken our phone number off our website. We welcome inquiries by email. After contact by email has been established we can talk on the phone.

We ask that if you are interested in our pups, please tell us where you live, your age, some details about yourself and your living and work situation, how physically active you are, previous experience with dogs and how much time the pup will be left alone during the week. Also, please include your phone number. One line emails will not receive a reply! If you do not have the time to tell us about yourself, then a border collie is not the breed for you!

To be considered as prospective owners of our pups, you will need to fill in our
Adoption Questionnaire.

Russ and Tracey Salamon and family.

Tillsonburg, Ontario


Please have a look at our Picture Gallery

Cookie's Litter of January 17, 2015

2 females and 5 males
Sired by Jake, our wonderful English import.

There is still space on Cookie's reservation list for males.

Dylan (m)

Eddie (m)

Sean (m)

Mia (tri-colour f)

Finley (m)

Amy (f)

Stanley (m)

Janie's Litter of November 26, 2014

3 females and 5 males
Sired by Robbie, our wonderful English import.

Buster, Alexi and Sandy are still available.

Janie's pups

Andy (grey and white m)

Tori (grey and white f)

Austin (m)

Alexi (f)

Clara with Alexi

Buster (m)

Sonny (grey and white m)

Sandy (f)

Derek (grey and white m)

Nellie's Litter of November 18, 2014

8 females and 2 males
Sired by Jake, our wonderful English import.

Paddy, Colleen and Lucy are still available.

Nellie's pups (they were wiggly and wouldn't line up!)

Allie (f)

Gabby (f)

Angus (m)

Shauna (f)

Angela with Gabby

Paddy (m)

Colleen (f)

Lucy (f)

Kelty (f)

Maizie (f)

Willow (f)

Steffi's Litter of October 29, 2014

5 females and 4 males
Sired by Robbie, our wonderful English import.

All Steffi's pups are sold.

Steffi's pups

Winston (m)

Tommy (m)

Lola (f)

Jordy (m)

Susannah with Winston

Mikey (m)

Tina (f)

Annie (f)

Jenny (f)

Taffi (f)


Up and Coming Dogs



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